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Age 13


I had been sent to my cousin’s in Pennsylvania later in the summer. When I came back, my parents had a surprise. They had bought a house. We were getting out of the apartment and into a subdivision outside of the city. This meant a new school and new friends. I was kind sad because my best friend, Becky, wasn’t going to be there with me. We had known each other since we were 9. I was turning 13 and going into the 7th grade. I was nervous and excited all at the same time.  One day while I was out riding my bike, a woman in a car passed my. “J? Is that you?” I turned around and noticed that it was Becky’s mom! She was looking at a house that was for sale two houses down on the other side of the street. She ended up buying that house so Becky and I could be together. I loved that girl. She was my best friend. Probably the best friend that I have ever had. I still talk to her today. She’s a wonderful person. I don’t think that I ever told her anything about my dad. In fact, I don’t think that I ever shared anything with her regarding the sex stuff. She definitely knew that my mother was crazy, though. That was a subject of discussion often.

Starting the new school and making new friends really has clouded my memory from that year. I know that I was beginning to become pretty boy crazy. We were starting to get more sex-ed type of talks at school. There were some kids already doing it! I was still being molested. It was mainly happening after my mother went to bed at night. I didn’t mean to fall asleep but it’s always been a problem that I’ve had. I can fall asleep almost anywhere. I was probably really tired from growing and puberty and stuff. I was really becoming uncomfortable with it. I knew it wasn’t right at this point. It made me sick but any time I pushed him away he would tell me how much I hurt his feelings and I shouldn’t be so rude.

My parents seemed pretty normal from the outside. Since I was getting older and we lived in a bigger place, I was able to have sleepovers and slumber parties. My mother loved it because it was her chance to make herself look good. Any time I had friends over she would go out of her way to make a nice dinner and an incredible breakfast. My parents made themselves seem like they were so cool too. They started allowing me to drink wine coolers. They didn’t see the harm. They figured that it would be better for me to be comfortable drinking at home instead of sneaking off to parties.

I still had to do most of the housework. She was becoming increasingly anal about the bathrooms being clean. I think it was because my little brother wasn’t exactly “neat” about going so our bathroom probably got smelly. She always wanted me to clean with a bleach product. It would make me sick. I had to use so much to get anything clean and the fumes were terrible. It also made me break out in eczema on the underside of my arms where it would touch. I told her that I thought it was the cleaner. I also told her that the cleaner was making me sick. She didn’t care. They didn’t have the money to buy anything else so I had to keep using it and I had to clean the bathrooms weekly.  At least I was getting better at doing housework. I used to get asked if I even did anything because there wasn’t enough vacuum tracks in the carpet. I had to explain that the tracks disappear after being walked over so many times. Still, it wasn’t good enough. Dishes were my permanent job as well as folding laundry and putting it away. In fact all this shit was my job until I finally left home! I don’t remember my brother ever having to do any of it. At this time he was only 5, though.  During my 7th grade year, my parents had him in daycare after school and on breaks.

My mother was still a bitch but seemed a little happier since they owned their own house. Things seemed to being going well for them so there wasn’t a whole lot for her to complain about.