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Woody Allen and Open Letters


DylanFarrowI don’t think I have ever watched a Woody Allen film. If I have I probably was unaware that it was his. It wasn’t because I was boycotting him. I just never found his ideas very interesting. Maybe there’s a reason for that and now I have very good reason to boycott his films all together. If you haven’t seen or heard yet, Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan, recently wrote an open letter to him and his fan’s in an op-ed in The New York Times. Her letter obviously struck a chord with me as a fellow survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I also sympathize with her because like her, I was afraid no one would believe me because everyone liked my step-father. She is fortunate that her mother and other family members have stood by her side. It is unfortunate, however, that the courts decided to drop anything against Allen because having a young girl testifying would have been traumatic for her. Would it? Maybe for the time being but growing up knowing that someone who is capable of such heinous acts has been free to continue those acts as well as prosper and gain notoriety as someone influential and talented can be more traumatizing. Having to live everyday with those nightmares and to have to be constantly reminded of that person can be worse. Woody Allen should have been charged and sent to jail. He should have never have the opportunity to become the person that he has become.

I’ll be honest. What really makes me angry about all of this is how the general public has reacted. I never knew anything about Dylan until the Golden Globes when I started seeing news reports about Mia and Ronan’s tweets regarding the perverted Allen. Since then, I have been sick over the celebrity reaction to her story. Why in the hell do so many people support him? I think a lot of it goes back to society’s general idea of what a pedophile or child molester looks and acts like. Allen has gained a lot of support from other celebrities because they have a hard time believing that he could do such a thing. This breaks my heart. When will people realize that child molesters don’t fit any certain mold? They don’t look any certain way. Most of the time, they are people that you know and trust.

It is very important to not doubt or blame the victims. This isn’t helping. Stories like Dylan’s are very important in our fight against sexual abuse and assault. Victims need to know that coming forward and talking about it will help prevent abuse and put these monsters behind bars. I really hope that Dylan knows she has support. I support her and truly hope that she has found peace and healing in her life.

You can find Dylan’s letter here.


An Open Letter to…. the World


Child-Abuse-stop-child-abuse-34714840-480-537Dear World,

How about we stop abusing kids? The children of today are the leaders and caretakers of tomorrow so let’s stop neglecting them, raping them, taking advantage of them and let them learn and grow the way that they should. Our kids shouldn’t have to recover from their childhoods.

Please understand that child abuse isn’t limited to third world countries and the ghetto. Look around you. It could be your neighbor, your niece/nephew, the person warming the pew next to you in church, that shy kid in Boy Scouts. It can happen to anyone anywhere. A lot of times there isn’t much to tip off a person to sexual abuse but if you, for one second, suspect that a child is being abused, it is your moral duty to report it. If nothing is done by authorities and you know deep in your heart that something isn’t right- report it again and again!

Let’s stop perpetuating the objectification of others. No human is a piece of property. I don’t give a shit what your religion says. Every human being deserves to live the life they chose for themselves. Every child deserves to be given a chance. Parents, stop setting your kids up for failure. Teach your kids about healthy relationships; what is and what isn’t. Girls don’t need to dress provocatively to get ahead in life. Boys don’t need to pretend to be the macho-est guy. Stop putting your little girls in heals and short skirts. It looks ridiculous anyway and it’s bad for their feet.  Stop scolding your boys for not making that sports goal. Maybe he’d be better at science anyway. Maybe your daughter would love to play sports some day. Maybe your kids just want to be themselves but they don’t know how because their parents are molding them into weird reflections of themselves or trying to live vicariously through them. Just because your life was shitty doesn’t mean that theirs has to be.

Dearest beautiful people of the world,

what I’m trying to say is: stop being selfish assholes.