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It’s Father’s Day


It would be so easy to be filled with disgust and anger today since it’s Father’s Day but I won’t allow myself to do that. It’s good enough that I don’t ever call him or send him cards on this day. Father’s Day is reserved for good fathers that do the right thing and nurture, care and protect their kids. The last couple of years my mother would always text me, “don’t forget to wish your dad a happy father’s day.” No shit. Well, really I had no intentions of it. Up until this year I have really just been to weak to just say no to her so I would at least just send a text- no phone calls or cards.

Today, however, I really don’t want to focus on him or my abuse. I DO want to give a shout-out to all of the GOOD dads out their. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! My husband is one of those guys. He is a wonderful father and husband. I think that it’s good for those of us that are victims of abuse to use days like today and think about the people in our lives that have been good to us and deserve a day like today. For me, some of the great men and fathers that have been in my life and left a good impression were my grandpa (paternal) who died when I was 16, my youth pastor (even thought I am not a Christian any more, looking back I realize that he was a pretty great guy), Phil (the husband of the couple that helped me get on my own at age 21), and of course my husband. There may have been one man who did horrible things to me but there have been plenty more to show me what being a good father is all about.