An Open Letter to…. the World


Child-Abuse-stop-child-abuse-34714840-480-537Dear World,

How about we stop abusing kids? The children of today are the leaders and caretakers of tomorrow so let’s stop neglecting them, raping them, taking advantage of them and let them learn and grow the way that they should. Our kids shouldn’t have to recover from their childhoods.

Please understand that child abuse isn’t limited to third world countries and the ghetto. Look around you. It could be your neighbor, your niece/nephew, the person warming the pew next to you in church, that shy kid in Boy Scouts. It can happen to anyone anywhere. A lot of times there isn’t much to tip off a person to sexual abuse but if you, for one second, suspect that a child is being abused, it is your moral duty to report it. If nothing is done by authorities and you know deep in your heart that something isn’t right- report it again and again!

Let’s stop perpetuating the objectification of others. No human is a piece of property. I don’t give a shit what your religion says. Every human being deserves to live the life they chose for themselves. Every child deserves to be given a chance. Parents, stop setting your kids up for failure. Teach your kids about healthy relationships; what is and what isn’t. Girls don’t need to dress provocatively to get ahead in life. Boys don’t need to pretend to be the macho-est guy. Stop putting your little girls in heals and short skirts. It looks ridiculous anyway and it’s bad for their feet.  Stop scolding your boys for not making that sports goal. Maybe he’d be better at science anyway. Maybe your daughter would love to play sports some day. Maybe your kids just want to be themselves but they don’t know how because their parents are molding them into weird reflections of themselves or trying to live vicariously through them. Just because your life was shitty doesn’t mean that theirs has to be.

Dearest beautiful people of the world,

what I’m trying to say is: stop being selfish assholes.


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  1. I came across this website coincidentally. Well, searching for Grace Brown’s blog, actually. But I’m so happy I found it. I’m happy there are people for whom children are important , who believe these small people need to be treated with respect. A child is a man too, just of a smaller size:)
    I’m a mother of two wonderful kids and my heart is breaking when I see or hear about child abuse, disrespect, or violence. Sometimes I feel I’m so tired with what’s going on on this planet, so powerless and hopeless that I’d be bettter off somewhere else.
    And believe me guys, bad things happen everywhere, here in Europe too…
    Take care and hope we can help by speaking out!

    • Hi Aleksandra! Thanks for stopping by. It’s good to hear about people like you in other countries that care! That’s all it takes is a few caring people to help raise awareness to make more caring and educated people!

  2. Way to go, Julie! We all need to be reminded of this. Mr. Amazing wonders why I go back to my childhood so much. I tell him that it’s because I have NO ONE to mentor me personally on being a good parent. I instead look at my own childhood, know what was done wrong and not do it to my own children. I also remember the real feelings, hopes and dreams I desired as a child, so, I consider my sons’ hopes, feelings and dreams. It’s about being wide awake and aware of those around you, especially your own kids. I want my little ones to always know that they’re loved, no matter what!

    Thank you, Julie, I hope you’re doing great. I’ve been missing you in blog world. I am so proud of the woman that you are. I celebrate the amazing person and parent you are and continue to aim to be.

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