How sick is this?


I had another memory sneak up on me today. Something triggered it. I don’t know what but it was something. This was when I was a little older. It might have been when I was 18 and came out to church officials about the molestation. I remember talking to my mother about it and her reaction was just bizarre. She tried to justify his actions by telling me, “Well, I guess he just loved you so much that he wanted to make you all his.”

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

That’s all I could think. I feel like this Jackie Chan meme:



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    • You sure can’t! Your mom tried to poison you? Wow, I’m glad you made it out of there alive! It’s also sad that our parents didn’t have our best interest in mind.I just couldn’t imagine doing that to my own kids!

  1. Dear Mrs. M,
    I know how this feels! I am in and out of such phases often these days… hope you feel better and overcome this… I pray for closure from all the people who have done you wrong… So sorry about all that happened… love and hugs, from a fellow survivor. 🙂

  2. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so get the picture now. That reminds me of a story a fellow blogger shared about a pastor in an Independent Freewill Baptist Church saying that seeing his daughters’ legs was a temptation. What the hell is wrong with people?!

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